The Facilities

10/1/06     Check-in Day (send pics if you have them)

10/11/06   Flag Night

10/14/06   New York Trip

10/18/06  Law Enforcement Memorial

10/31/06   Halloween Haunted House

11/6/06     IACP Dinner

11/10/06   Philadelphia Trip

11/15/06   International Night

12/15/06  Graduation (send pics if you have them)

Intramurals (send pics if you have them)


Campus Life

The Fit Challenge

Individual or Unorganized Trips
This page links to photos from the various activities that took place during our session.   If you have photos you'd like to share, please e-mail them with a brief description.
FBI National Academy
Session #227      10/1-06-12/15/06