Karen Vorhes--Little Rock Field Office
Sherry Harriss--DC Field Office
Maggie Batten--Pheonix Field Office
Judy Coughenour--Chicago Field Office
Sarah Graving--San Juan Field Office

Each National Academy Session is divided into five sections, and each section is appointed a counselor,  an FBI special agent.  The 227th Session was the first (and according to the National Academy Section Chief, the last) where all five counselors were women!  The buttons below the counselors' photos link to yearbook-style photos of the members of each section.
Section Representatives

In week four, the 227 elected representatives for each of the five sections, as well a representative for the session as a whole.  The results of these elections were:

Section One:   Eric Carter--Chicago Police Department

Section Two:    Michael Begonis--Wilmington, MS Police Department--                       

Section Three: George Leonard--Charlotte, NC Police Department

Section Four:  Gavin Thomas--Gloucestershire Constabulary--United Kingdom

Section Five:    Thomas Rhoades--Fort Wayne, IN Police Department

Session 227:   Gavin Thomas
FBI National Academy
Session #227      10/1/06-12/15/06